Development of a website for a real estate agency

We have good expertise in development of websites for real estate agencies. We have been collecting it
for several years, thanks to cooperation with real estate agencies, developer companies, large aggregators, real estate portals.

Our pride is the development of a high-tech real estate website in Belarus, in which modern and complex solutions were implemented. We have extensive experience in this area, we know how to attract a target audience, increase sales, focusing on the advantages of an object, regardless of whether it is rented or was put up for sale.

Every detail is important here - design, structured presentation of a content, filtering and search engines. The success of a product depends on this. Assigning the development of a website for a property developer or a real estate agency is necessary only to experienced specialists, since an incompetent approach can nullify all your efforts.

You can order a turn-key real estate website for a real estate agency in our company today. Turning to us, you can be sure of the reliability of the product and its compliance with all technical requirements, since a team of qualified specialists is working on its creation - marketers, designers, programmers, copywriters. Each member of the project team works exclusively in the area of his responsibility, which allows him to get a high-quality and successful product at the end.

You can apply for the development of a corporate portal both directly on the website and when contacting the employees of our IT company.

The purpose of the site and the collection of requirements

The purpose of a site and collection of requirements
The goal of creating or modernizing of the current online resource of a real estate agency
in 90% of cases is to increase sales. All our clients want to increase the number of leads and, as a result, increase the number of transactions and the amount of profit. Actually, this is the key task of any project.

The site is just a communication tool with current and potential clients. Implementation of a corporate portal for a real estate company or property developer is a separate type of a project with its own unique requirements. This is an important point, since non-compliance with them can affect the quality of a product, its development and promotion.

In each specific case, competitors should be analyzed and requirements for a future online resource should be formulated. Therefore, at the first stage, we recommend conducting analytics. To create a website for a real estate agency, you should immediately understand:

  1. Who are your competitors and what are their advantages?
  2. Who is your target audience and what clients are you targeting?
  3. Who will be responsible for the content and development of the website?
  4. What promotion channels will be used after the launch of a website for a real estate agency?
  5. Will a website be linked to CRM?
  6. What monetization system do you plan to use?

And only after answering these and other related questions, it is necessary to begin to formulate the terms of reference for the creation of a corporate portal for a real estate company. Thanks to him, the developers will have a clear picture of the project, and a customer will receive the desired result, that will allow them to solve the assigned tasks and goals.

Site structure

  • Main page: key areas, project news, additional services, partners, feedback form, footer.
  • Catalog: purchase and sale of apartments, houses, summer cottages, cottages, rental housing, new buildings, commercial real estate. Moreover, we recommend that you work out each direction in the format of a separate landing page with search results.
  • Object card: detailed elaboration is important on this page, since from here the potential client must send an application to your company.
  • Sell: a group of pages where a user creates their ad, selects a category, fills in a description, prices and terms of sale.
  • About a company: general, services, history, employees, reviews.
  • News.
  • Blog: An important section for SEO development and getting leads from organic traffic.
  • Article: it is necessary to provide for a possibility of simple filling of these pages by company employees. Moreover, there should be a possibility of high-quality display with various options. Blogging, news feed allows customers to learn more about the company, receive up-to-date information about the market.
  • Personal Area.
  • 404 page.

CMS choice

When development a website for a real estate agency, a very important stage is the choice of a CMS (resource management system). It is not only an information management tool, but also ensures the full operation of a resource on the Web.

The most popular CMS used to create websites in the CIS countries: 1C-Bitrix and WordPress.

We recommend our clients to use Bitrix. It is the best solution for development a real estate website, as it has a number of advantages:


There are many ready-made functional modules that are very easy to implement in the process of development a real estate website, its development.


Finding a competent website developer is much easier, since Bitrix has a partner rating, mandatory exams and certificates that cut out incompetent specialists.


The active development of Bitrix in the CIS market has led to a crowded market with development companies and, as a result, optimization of the cost of work.


Bitrix is ​​easy to be integrated with end-to-end analytics and CRM services (80% of real estate agencies use CRM Bitrix24), and this is a very important stage when promoting a web resource.


You can quickly train your employee in website administration, since Bitrix has video courses and an exam in this area. They are freely available on the web.


Evaluate all the features of Bitrix on your own


Filters and sorting for each direction

Search for objects on the map

Feedback form

Form "Subscribe to newsletter"

Form "System of premium ads"

Leave Feedback Form

Special offers

Online chat

Integration with your accounting system

Integration with CRM

Uploading of ads to popular online platforms

Integration with various kinds of directories (settlements, etc.)

Additional requirements

  • The resource should be adaptive, with separate rendering of a display on smartphones and tablets. This is due to the fact that the majority of potential customers use an online resource from mobile devices. The lack of a high-quality adaptive version will lead to the loss of customers, respectively, and to a decrease in profits.
  • Loading speed of pages should be no more than 3 seconds. Long loading will lead to the loss of users, as well as affect the ranking of a portal in the search engine.
  • The website must be optimized for Google Speed ​​Test. We recommend a green space for both mobile and desktop devices.
  • Writing code according to PSR standards - high-quality and beautiful code with clear comments will save you from many problems. This is especially important when changing a developer. You should be able to part with a studio at any time and start collaborating with a new one.
  • The server must meet the requirements of the selected CMS. You can use ready-made packages (they are usually called "Bitrix hosting", etc.) or rent a dedicated server. This option will allow you to fine-tune on your own.
  • Separately, we recommend that you formulate requirements before starting development, taking into account the development of an online resource in the following areas: SEO, CRM, PPC, end-to-end analytics. It will greatly simplify the development of a project and reduce investments in a portal in the future.

Development steps




Analytics and formation of the Terms of Reference


Analytical report on competitors and the generated Terms of Reference for the creation of a website for a real estate agency




The provided design of your web resource in Figma




Fully laid out website and worked out effects




Work resource on the test server


Testing and launching the project


The online resource works without bugs and has been transferred to your server


Connecting CRM and end-to-end analytics


Implemented ToR for CRM and end-to-end analytics. Your employees are trained to work with the system


Technical support and project development


Generated and implemented ideas for the development of a portal


Complex promotion


Your KPIs are growing. Traffic, leads, closed deals

The cost of development a real estate website

Company type


Project type

Turnkey solution
Individual solution
Individual solution

Terms of implementation

up to 1.5 months
3-4 months
5 - 20 months


Calculated upon request
Calculated upon request

Price $

2 000 - 3 000
7 000 - 12 000
15 000-100 000


Project type Turnkey solution
Terms of implementation up to 1.5 months
Price $ 2 000 - 3 000


Project type Individual solution
Terms of implementation 3-4 months
Comments Calculated upon request
Price $ 7 000 - 12 000


Project type Individual solution
Terms of implementation 5 - 20 months
Comments Calculated upon request
Price $ 15 000-100 000

The cost of a site directly depends on:

  • Number of destinations
  • The quality of page development in design
  • Selected CMS (1C-Bitrix, Wordpress)
  • Connected functions
  • Additional requirements for project implementation


What kind of guarantee should there be for a corporate real estate portal?

Pay attention to a warranty. In our company, when creating a website for a full-cycle real estate agency, warranty is a 1 year

Technical support and project development for a real estate agency

Pay attention to the terms of technical support and project revisions. A lot of developers inflate prices for this type of work, delay the time frame for the implementation of changes. This is due to the fact that a customer simply does not has the opportunity to contact another company, as he will lose the warranty. Often due to it, the resource suffers: improvements are not introduced due to unfavorable conditions.

3What are the best payment options when building a website?

The most optimal payment option is when the total and phased cost of the project is ready. Moreover, payment is made for each completed stage. In this case, all parties are interested in delivering the project on time. At the end of each stage, you should have a finished product and the ability to change contractors.

If you change or abandon CRM, will it be possible to use a site?

If you decide to abandon CRM, then your online resource will still work, but data changes on agents and objects will need to be entered in the administrative panel, not in CRM.

How often are objects loaded from CRM?

With default settings, the database is synchronized every 10 minutes. But you can set up your frequency and configure your parameters.

What are the possible risks if I want to create a website for a real estate company on a template?

The templates are poorly optimized, and their optimization can cost a lot. It primarily affects search engine rankings and website loading speed. Implementing any property or function on a template is usually significantly more expensive than development on the basis of individual solution. Also, there may be bugs in the template that you will have to fix for your money. We recommend creating a product from scratch. It will allow you to implement all ideas and get a high-quality result.

Will my real estate agency portal be adaptive?

Yes. All online resources created by our company are fully adaptive, which means they are convenient to use on any device (tablet, phone, PC).

Who will be an owner of a real estate agency website?

According to a concluded agreement, you are the owner of a resource, design, domain name and all posted content. Official domain registration is carried out in your name or company. Moving your website to another hosting will not be difficult. It can be done at any time.

Do you provide technical support for a project?

Of course, in our company, a special department is engaged in technical support of web resources. Experts promptly solve any problems, answer all questions that arise. Maintenance of a portal is not only its updating, but implementation, creation of new blocks, revision of already implemented functionality. Technical support hides a solution of various problems, but we cope with them perfectly.

What are the deadlines for development of a real estate portal?

The term of creation depends on the complexity of work: the more complex the project, the more time it takes to create it. The minimum term for development a real estate portal for a real estate agency from scratch is from 2 months. A deadline is negotiated with each client individually, as well as a cost of a product.

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