Amkodor Corporate Website Development



Development of a corporate website for the AMKODOR industrial holding with the possibility of future scaling of the dealer network in the CIS and Asian markets.

Project Solution

The following works were carried out to implement the tasks set

  • Setting up WordPress CMS
  • Development of adaptive layout based on ES10
  • Implementation of animated elements
  • Comprehensive UX/UI design solution
  • Code optimization for high website loading speed


One of the main tasks was to place a large amount of content on the website and at the same time create a project in the style of minimalism. To implement this task, many solutions have been developed in the form of various sliders, various drop-down menus and windows in a tangle with animated effects.

An example of such a solution to the previously announced problem was the implementation of a complex slider with three levels of nesting and an intuitive navigation system thanks to which each user sees the information that he needs.

Using JavaScript, our team has developed an interesting solution for displaying the result of the holding ‘s work before and after with a convenient management capability.

We have come up with a convenient keyword search system on the website. The search results are displayed on a separate page linked to the corresponding section such as “Dealer”, “Press Center”, “About” and others. For this purpose, the developers used a customized WordPress CMS module.

Implementation of displaying selection of the dealer network by region and viewing its location by using Yandex Maps. The region is determined automatically by the IP address, which allows you to immediately display all dealers in the country in which the user is located.

We have developed a product card with a stylish and convenient design based on the best examples. We have also implemented functionality that allows you to add many characteristics such as dimensional scheme, modification or technical characteristics without overloading the interface.

The multilingual system was implemented using the WordPress plugin Polylang. Also, by using AJAX, ECMAScript 2019, Webpack and Sass, we have achieved a maximum page loading speed of 1.5—3 seconds.

We have applied adaptive layout on the website with additional development for 2k and 4k display resolutions.

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