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Creation of an online store of auto parts Akkamulik

Akkamulik is an official importer of Solite, Banner, Varta and other bands of accumulators, chargers and accessories.


Develop and release a new online store. Pay special attention to usability and SEO components.


  • Development on CMS 1C-Bitrix
  • Mobile First
  • Complete UX/UI design creation
  • 100 implemented design layouts
  • Adapting the layout to 25+ resolutions
  • Car catalog integration
  • Development of SEO requirements and strategy at the design stage
We used the Mobile First approach due to the forecast of a large share of mobile traffic.
Developed the ability to compare products by characteristics. The standard 1C-Bitrix product comparison module was connected and stylized.
Developed a special catalog of brands and models of batteries with the ability to link to current offers of the store. We used a customized standard 1C-Bitrix module.
Developed a calculator for calculating the cost of receiving used batteries with the display of reception points on Yandex.Maps and the ability to switch between cities.
Developed a shopping cart with an online payment system. We used customized 1C-Bitrix modules.
Integrated database of 5000+ types of cars separating down by brand, year of manufacture, generation and engine capacity for selecting the battery for cars. We developed a special parser and loader. Created special directory structure for working with low-frequency search queries.