Finishing and redesign of the food delivery website “Raccoon Delivery”

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ENOT Delivery – online food ordering service in Belarus.


Develop a website redesign and fix the mistakes of previous developers. Increase the loading speed of the website. Complete all the work in the shortest possible time.


  • Site processing on the CMS 1C-Bitrix platform
  • Two-way integration with Onliner.by
  • A comprehensive solution for UX/UI design
  • Adapting the layout for 25 + permissions

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For the formation of courier routes pluggable and configurable data exchange with the system Beltranssputnik and Bitrix store module.

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Changing the project structure, transforming mechanics into components, replacing standard modules with customized ones, and configuring caching. We conduct a code review of the project's functionality.

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The work is performed in 21 days by a team of 7 specialists: 1 designer, 2 layout designers, 2 programmers, 1 tester and 1 project Manager.

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We develop a comprehensive site redesign, and process 90% of the pages. We update the design on the current site and optimize it.

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Two-way integration with Onliner.by, orders are loaded to Bitrix, on Onliner.the current order status is passed by. Using the API Onliner.by.

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Adaptive layout of the W3C and Glavweb standard is optimized for 25+ main screen resolutions.

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