Revision of the website of an international logistics company

STALOGISTIC is an international logistics company that provides industry-specific logistics solutions to global companies, and is also an expert in rapidly changing markets such as fashion, retail, and consumer goods.


The main tasks were to create landing pages for advertising traffic, simplify navigation for users and personalize contact information. These actions are aimed at raising the site's conversion rate.


  • Processing of website in CMS 1C-Bitrix
  • A comprehensive solution for UX/UI design
  • Monthly technical support
  • Adapting the layout to 25+ resolutions

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The page for calculating the cost of an application has been redesigned and the number of fields and steps in the cost calculation form has been optimized. Masks and formats for filling in fields for each region have been developed.

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The module for determining the user's region by IP address is installed and substituting individual contact data for each of the regions.

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We have achieved high quality icons, logos and other design elements, and converted them to SVG format.

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The page of the main type of services "International road cargo transportation" has been implemented in the format of a selling landing page.

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We have optimized the server settings and CMS configuration for all 1C-Bitrix standards.

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Monthly technical support and monitoring of the project status are carried out.

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