We specialize in comprehensive implementation of startups: web portals, online services and mobile applications. Our experience and ready-made developments will allow you to launch your idea quickly and check its perspective in a short time. We use modern technologies and effective promotion tools. Our expertise allows adding your vision, save time and avoiding unnecessary expenses. When developing startups, we take into account scalability of system.

It is easy to develop your project with us and become a market leader.

More than 12 released startups
Launch MVP within a 1 month
Find out the price and terms

We can develop first version of a startup (MVP), based on requirements, budget and required terms. Suitable for quickly testing an idea and understanding perspective for investments and scaling. We help you invest wisely and get profit.

We select technologies that can save money and speed up release of a startup. We take into account perspectives of project development. We build a secure technical foundation on a project that is easy to develop and scale.

For each startup we define competencies that are necessary for its successful implementation. We unite people into your personal team and achieve results.

We develop using Agile, Scrum and Kanban. Ready to cooperate using: Technology Consulting, Project Based, Partner Based.

We focus on a project and define goals, tasks and requirements. Preparing a basic promotion plan.
We produce a detailed evaluation of a startup and orientate on technology, terms of MVP launch and price. Before the start of development, we determine optimal model of cooperation.
We provide a launch plan, detailed technical task and marketing plan. Removing that is unnecessary together with you and leave the most necessary.
Implementation of technical specification: design, coding, programming, content, setting up analytics or promotion tools and then testing. Based on the results of this stage, we are all ready to release a startup.
Complex development and support of a startup. We analyze results and survival of a model.
We can prepare a new plan aimed at scaling results of a startup and take into account possibilities of the current and perspective markets.
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We have warranty obligations for functionality of website within 180 days after its release.
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We advise on website promotion, always ready to support and improve any product.
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Whole project consists of several equal stages. Payment schedule is according to stages.

Complete promotion, Monetization, Startups, Technical support


Network of online cinemas – more than 100 websites of popular serials, united in a single network. Viewing is available on any device in good quality.

Startups, Web portals


Large Russian developer of web services. Company and service is under NDA.

Complete promotion, Integration, Startups, Web portals, Technical support, Design

Business services , Real estate

ADREX is a modern marketplace for sale and rent of real estate, aimed at absolutely all layers of target audience.

CRM and ERP systems, Startups, Web portals, Technical support, Design

Business services , Logistics

Limited liability company "BFStandart" is a resident of Hi-Tech park. Specializing in IT-startups.

Complete promotion, Startups, Mobile applications


Hobnob is a startup, mobile application for iOS and Android, in which user can get discounts on entertainment - quests, bars, cafes, restaurants.

Developing projects from A to Z gives us the opportunity to take responsibility for the successful result of any project that we are engaged in.
The high level of our technologies and competencies helps our customers to keep up with the times, stay ahead of competitors and become market leaders.

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