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ITprofit specializes in creating not just websites, but building a full-fledged digital system, thanks to which effective communication with clients on the Internet is ensured. Our experience allows us to create modern projects of any complexity: web applications, online stores, portals, marketplaces, etc.

We provide a guarantee and provide technical support to all customers. After launching the project, we help with promotion.

The ITprofit team does a tremendous amount of work to bring you the desired result.

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From the moment of release, we provide 1 year warranty for all types of work.


We help in promoting, supporting and developing the project.

Batch payment

Payment for the project takes place in several stages. The payment schedule is selected individually.

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Redesign of the corporate website of Plitex mattress production company

Company «Plitex-S» is one of the leading enterprises in the CIS in production of mattresses.
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«Scalable architecture and high-quality code of the international standard are the basis of any project and our priority.»
Vadim Kononovich, Tech Lead
Vadim Kononovich, Tech Lead


We are open to cooperation with companies around the world. We offer unique and effective solutions, we select them depending on the specifics of your business. The success of a project is a long-term relationship with our clients.


What cooperation package is right for me?

We do not work in batches, we work on a targeted basis and select an individual solution for each client, a required scope of work in a required volume.

Which CMS to choose - paid or free

Their difference lies in the possibilities. For example, paid CMS platforms help solve multiple problems and scale projects. Free ones have a limited set of functions and, as a rule, solve only 1 problem. The decision about which CMS to choose is up to a customer. The most popular are WordPress and 1C-Bitrix. They have a clear interface and wide functionality.

How to start development a website

Website development begins with filling out a brief and drawing up a technical requirement. The brief is a concise description of a resource, and technical requirement is more substantial document that describes all the functionality, pages, requirements for layout, design, hosting and a whole lot of other technical aspects. The presence of brief and technical requirement greatly simplifies a task for a developer.

How to create a website that will sell

Development a website that sells is a difficult task. The result should be a project with a well-thought-out structure, convenient functionality, and stylish design. Particular attention must also be paid to quality of a content. That is why it is worth contacting professionals to create a site that sells. They will work out a sales scenario taking into account the specifics of a product, needs or target audience.

What is the difference between an adaptive website and a mobile version?

The mobile version of a site is a separate web resource for that usability, design and content are being optimized. An adaptive version of a site is a design of web pages that allows a site to be displayed correctly on all devices (phone, PC, tablet). For easy viewing, you do not need to create a separate version. A site has one address, but at the same time it can work on both a smartphone and a laptop.

What is Git for

Git is a system that regulates changes of documents on a site, allows you to return to previous versions of a web resource. It increases security, allows you to track bugs, simultaneously work an unlimited number of developers on one functionality, that makes it possible to speed up a project launch time. In addition, Git eliminates site breakdown, provides the ability to roll back changes to any version of the web version.

What are the terms of website development

On average, from 1.5 months or more - it depends on the complexity, subject matter of a resource, the amount of work.

How much does it cost to develop a website for a business in your company?

How much does it cost to develop a website for a business in your company? The cost depends on the type of a site, the number of pages, the amount of work. Approximate prices for website development in USD: landing page from 1000, promotional site - from 2500, corporate site - from 3500, online store - from 8000, portal - from 20,000, Web service / Web application - from 10,000 ...

What are guarantees

We provide a 12- month warranty for the product developed by us. We provide a consulting assistance in promotion and development of a project.

We are ready to start your project within 5 days.

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