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Development of Continenteurasia logistics service

Limited liability company "BFStandart" is a resident of Hi-Tech park. Specializing in IT-startups.


Develop and launch a web service for logistics


  • Complete UX/UI design creation
  • Adapting the layout to 25+ resolutions
  • Automatic uploading of offers to logistics portals
  • API module for importing cargo owner companies offers
  • Specialized functionality for managing and moderating the service
  • Specialized functionality for managing and moderating the service
We developed a search system for trucks and cargo on the map. The product was connected to the OpenStreetMap service with data exchange in JSON format using Leaflet technology.
Automatic uploading of offers to all the most popular logistics portals in Eurasia has been developed:,,,, and others. Implemented in Json format with API data exchange.
To import offers from large companies, the cargo owner has developed its own API that allows you to add, delete and edit ads on the portal in real time. We use a customized WP REST API Controller plugin.
Developed mechanics for temporary booking of offers, duplicating and putting up for sale on your own behalf. The ability to share offers to the mail and other networks and transfer them to the forwarder, partner of the portal for sale. Released other useful features for freight forwarders and resource users.
Developed an automatic system for generating applications in just a few seconds, with the ability to automatically fill in all data from pre-created directories (drivers, transport etc.) and automatically sign them with an electronic signature.
A notification system was implemented to inform customers about changes in ad statuses and technical work, account replenishment, and so on.