Mobile Applications

We specialize in development of mobile applications for iOS and Android. Our expertise allows develop successful applications on the markets of the US, UK, Europe and CIS. Ready-made developments will help you save your budget and significantly reduce the startup launch time.

We know how to develop startup mobile applications and classic business applications.

More than 7 released projects
Cross-platform testing
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We select modern technologies to save spare your budget and development time.

Ready-made developments and expertise allow us to develop efficiently and fast.

We carry out complete marketing, positioning and promotion.

We integrate an application into your business: payment systems and CRM.

We define goals, tasks, technical requirements of mobile application and then prepare a basic promotion plan.
We produce a detailed evaluation of an application and orientate on technology, terms, price and optimal model of cooperation.
We prepare a launch plan and detailed technical specification.
We develop a prototype and create a design based on it.
Implementation of entire software part of a project.
Cross-platform testing, placement of application in marketplaces.
Implementation of marketing strategy. ASO, traffic, analytics.
Full support of a project and comprehensive development and modernization.
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We have warranty obligations for functionality of website within 180 days after its release.
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We advise on website promotion, always ready to support and improve any product.
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Whole project consists of several equal stages. Payment schedule is according to stages.

Complete promotion, Startups, Mobile applications


Hobnob is a startup, mobile application for iOS and Android, in which user can get discounts on entertainment - quests, bars, cafes, restaurants.

Developing projects from A to Z gives us the opportunity to take responsibility for the successful result of any project that we are engaged in.
The high level of our technologies and competencies helps our customers to keep up with the times, stay ahead of competitors and become market leaders.

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