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Marketing Strategy of Hobnob Mobile App

Hobnob is a startup, mobile application for iOS and Android, in which user can get discounts on entertainment - quests, bars, cafes, restaurants.


Reach a stable 10,000 installations per month for up to $ 1.3 per installation. Improve the results in the future.


  • Share the promotion of the application of several steps
  • Configure analytics systems: Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics, Facebook sdk
  • Develop and run test advertising campaigns with a small budget
  • Perform detailed analytics and create a strategy for a full-fledged launch
  • Increase the number of downloads by scaling ad channels and ASO


For the 1st month we developed and tested 60+ advertising campaigns, 140+ creative in various formats 5 advertising systems, Google (AdMob), Facebook, myTarget, Yandex and YouTube.
An analytics system has been developed and configured including Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics, and the Facebook sdk, which allows you to track real-time indicators such as CPI (cost of installing the app), Retention rate and Uninstall rate.
Formed a stack of 15 portraits of potential users with optimal CPI and Uninstall rate.
3,000 installations were received during the test period, CPI = 40 RUB, Retention rate = 7% Uninstall rate = 63.72% (for Android).
We conducted an ASO, collected and implemented keywords, redesigned the app profile and purchased reviews. Organic traffic grew by 300 %.
We analyzed the audience and adjusted the app development strategy, so we focused on promo codes in restaurants, cafes and bars.