Raccoon Delivery mobile application


Racoon Delivery – an online service for ordering food in Belarus which was nominated for The Best Android App Design by DesignRush


Development of a mobile application for food delivery from establishments with the implementation of the following functionality: the ability to order food at home and takeaway, online payment by bank card, determining the geolocation of users, integration of the loyalty program.


  • Design based on React Native and Redux
  • A comprehensive solution for UX/UI design
  • Adaptation for IOS and Android
  • Connecting the geolocation system
  • Integration of the loyalty program
  • Push notifications to dynamically display the status of the order
  • Adding multiple addresses to a user prof

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User registration in the mobile application is implemented using the SMS verification service. There is a possibility of quick authorization through Google, Facebook and VK accounts.

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Designed order tracking on the map and delivery time in real time. The Yandex.Maps API is enabled with data exchange in JSON format.

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Push notifications of order status are implemented on the basis of firebase Notifications.

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Get quick access to your favorite products to order, as well as save data on previously completed purchases of users.

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The functionality of online payments is implemented in the client version of the application. In the administrative version, you can track the status of payments, receipts, and other payment-related information.

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We have designed a system of delivery profiles in the shopping cart with the preservation of addresses of previous deliveries and the ability for users to both add a new delivery address and select an address from previously used ones.

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