Creation and promotion of a website for the sale and rental of real estate

ADREX is a modern marketplace for sale and rent of real estate, aimed at absolutely all layers of target audience.


Create a web portal that will become a leader in real estate sector in the Republic of Belarus


  • Development on CMS 1C-Bitrix
  • Complete UX/UI design creation
  • 300 pages of technical requirements
  • 200 implemented design layouts
  • Adapting the layout to 42+ resolutions
  • Dozens of specialized modules
  • Fully developed and tested front-end and back-end
  • Automatic integration with all real estate agencies

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A detailed filter helps users set up requirements as precisely as possible, save them, and conveniently track new offers. For this purpose, special preset sets of properties have been developed, which include more than 100 scenarios and take into account the object type, location or action.

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The chat system allows users to communicate with sellers by using prepared "questions and answers" based on the script principle. This custom module consists of 150 possible scenarios of the conversation.

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Convenient map search for those who are looking for housing in a particular area. The product was connected to the OpenStreetMap service with data exchange in JSON format using Leaflet technology.

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The gallery allows you to post not only photos, but also videos and 3D tours, thanks to a special upload module implemented using drag and drop technology.

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For any real estate web portal, it is important to be able to sell advertising space. To do this we developed a special module that allows you to buy advertising space through your personal account, with the possibility of online payment.

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The site is adapted to all types of devices: tablet, laptop or phone.

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