Technical Support

We specialize in comprehensive support for corporate websites and e-commerce projects.

Our full-time team will provide you with a full range of support and development for your project.

We are proactive and make changes that improve the design to meet your business goals and stay ahead of the competition.

30+ projects with constant technical support
We work with leading CMS: WordPress, Magento, ModX, 1C-Bitrix
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Comprehensive support of your project: design, programming, analytics, SEO-promotion. It will allow you to grow your business without the distraction of solving technical problems.

We are experts in WordPress, 1C-Bitrix, ModX, Magento. In our work, we adhere to high standards. We quickly identify problematic points and take the project to a new level.

For each project, we have assigned a manager who is responsible for your project and its development.

All work on debugging and improving the project is performed on separate test servers. Simultaneously, the work of the current project on the production server is not suspended for a minute.

Frequent Сustomer Inquiries:

1 Website loading speed optimization
2 Website improvements
3 Installing or debugging software modules
4 A comprehensive redesign of the current website



MACS (Men's Anonymous Consulting Service) is a social project aimed at men in the Republic of Belarus. The main task of the service is to provide psychological support to men in Belarus in the format of counseling, helping to understand problems in relationships in the family, with friends and relatives.

Complete promotion, Integration, Startups, Web portals, Technical support, Design

Business services , Real estate

ADREX is a modern marketplace for sale and rent of real estate, aimed at absolutely all layers of target audience.

Integration, Startups, Technical support, Design


ENOT Delivery - online food ordering service in Belarus.

CRM and ERP systems, Startups, Web portals, Technical support, Design

Business services , Logistics

Limited liability company "BFStandart" is a resident of Hi-Tech park. Specializing in IT-startups.
Sounds great. How do I get started?
Choose the cooperation package that suits you and contact us. After paying for the package, we will provide you with a manager and create a separate chat to discuss your project work.
How quickly do you react?
We guarantee that the manager will give you feedback within 12 hours on working days for all your requests written in the chat.
What happens if I exceed the hours limit of the selected package?
Your manager will warn you about this in advance and offer to renew the package. If you do not need another package, we will provide you with an opportunity to pay the overrun at $ 50 per hour.
Another company developed my website. Is this a problem?
There is no cause for concern. After choosing the support package, we will begin working with the site audit. We will analyze the server settings, revise the program code, and security and performance systems. After the audit, we will provide a list of recommendations for the necessary changes and start implementing it immediately after your approval.