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Large Russian developer of web services. Company and service is under NDA.


Create a source of thematic traffic for your business. To develop and bring in the top Google and Yandex news and features portal for gathering audience of potential users of the service.


  • Website. We use our own ready-made solution for thematic portals
  • Content. Creating 1 million characters of text per month by using our own technology
  • Audience. We create a community and work with the audience to meet the client’s goals and objectives
  • Development and support. Performing continuous improvement of product quality

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Rapid development. After 60 days, the monthly traffic volume was 10,000 unique visitors, after 90 days - 20,000, after 120 days - 30,000 visitors. We plan to have 100,000 unique visitors per month in a year.

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We used a special optimization technology for mobile devices for fast traffic growth. 90% of site visitors are mobile traffic that makes it possible to effectively advertise the service to users of mobile devices.

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A large amount of high - quality content is one of the key factors. A team of 3 editors and 8 content managers was formed to implement the project. We organized efficient work on the following exchanges: contentmonster.ru, etxt.ru with 15 authors. The productive capacity of the team is 100 articles per month (about 1 million characters of text).

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At the first stage we assembled semantic core by using a special technology, the volume of which was 100,000+ keywords with a frequency of more than 14 million requests per month.

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To write high-quality content we developed Technical tasks for authors that include a description of the target audience, 50+ SEO requirements and text elements (tables, quotes, lists, etc.)

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We have achieved the maximum page loading speed and 100% by PageSpeed. We use Gulp, the Sass preprocessor and the Pug template engine to optimize HTML and CSS.

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