Creation of a network of online cinemas

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Network of online cinemas – more than 100 websites of popular serials, united in a single network. Viewing is available on any device in good quality.


To develop a solution and the technology advancement that allows you to run online and quickly pull them to the top of Google and Yandex. Make the product able to monetize traffic through ad networks in the future.


  • Website. Developed the optimal solution for online cinema on CMS WordPress
  • Content. Creating 1 million characters of text per month by using a special technology
  • Monetization. Developing an algorithm for constantly increasing revenue from trafficа
  • Release 100 websites using a well-established technology. Combining them into a one network
  • Development and support. Performing continuous improvement of product quality

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5 months after the release, we received 500,000 unique visitors per day and 750,000 sessions.

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Daily record of one website - 24,885 unique visitors.

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Weekly record of one website - 83,833 unique visitors.

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Monthly record of one website - 201,842 unique visitors.

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The fastest way to the top 3 Google and Yandex for 1 month.

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61% of users view the resource from smartphones that makes it possible to effectively advertise mobile apps and games.

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