Creation of Muz Musical Instruments Online Store

Store “Muzyka” is an official seller of musical, concert and DJ equipment all around Belarus. Distributor of YAMAHA, Sennheiser, Kawai, Casio products and other brands. 40 years on the market!


Develop a website redesign and the transition to CMS 1C-Bitrix. Comprehensively increase sales in the Belarusian market.


  • Website transition to CMS 1C-Bitrix
  • 1C 8.2 integration
  • Complete UX/UI design creation
  • Adapting the layout to 25+ resolutions
  • SEO optimization and complete promotion
  • Syncing with the merchant web portals API
  • Sphinx smart search

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Developed a smart search that takes into account the layout, errors in words, synonyms, availability, popularity, related products and much more. We use the Sphinx search module with additional dictionaries.

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Automatically update and add products every 24 hours. Developed integration with 1C 8.2 and an algorithm for product statuses and prices on the site taking into account the customer's warehouse policy.

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Automatic exchange of store products with all popular portals: Yandex.Market, shop.by, 1k.by, migom.by, onliner.by and others. Implemented Json and XML uploads with data exchange via the API.

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For convenient selection of goods by parameters, we use the standard 1C-Bitrix module "Smart filter".

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Developed the possibility of online payment-by-payment cards, Halva installment cards, shopping cards, Magnet and others. The online payment systems "Calculation" ERIP, bePaid and WEBPAY were connected.

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We have developed a special algorithm for discounts, promo codes and promotions for flexible sales management. Customized the standard 1C-Bitrix module "Discounts".

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