Creation of an online consultation business website

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MACS (Men’s Anonymous Consulting Service) is a social project aimed at men in the Republic of Belarus. The main task of the service is to provide psychological support to men in Belarus in the format of counseling, helping to understand problems in relationships in the family, with friends and relatives.


Development of an online consultation website with the ability to add articles and event announcements. The website should be easily managed by the client's administrator and have the ability to scale. Special attention should be paid to online chat. Consultations will be conducted through an online chat and it is very important that it is convenient for both the client and the consultants. Special attention should be paid to the absence of collecting any data about the client, since psychological consultations are anonymous. The online chat works several hours a week and it is necessary to make it possible to flexibly configure the working time on the client side.


  • Development on CMS 1C-Bitrix. “Standard” License
  • Implementation of a comprehensive UX / UI design. We analyzed about 5 foreign similar services
  • Comprehensive testing
  • Adapting the layout to 25+ resolutions

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Implemented the ability to create events with online registration via feedback forms on the site.

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Jivo chat is installed and so each person can receive confidential psychological support.

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Implemented the ability to evaluate the article and share it in social networks. We used the emoji library and the share.pluso service.

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Implemented search by title and description of blog articles. The standard search module 1C-Bitrix is connected and configured.

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We have achieved maximum page loading speed, and good results on Google PageSpeed by using Gulp, the Sass preprocessor, and the Pug template engine to optimize HTML and CSS.

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Adaptive layout of the W3C and Glavweb standard optimized for 25+ main screen resolutions.

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