SEO promotion of an IT company in the USA

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A major Russian developer of apps for iOS. The company is under NDA.


Build a system for attracting leads in the North American market. Goal is to get 10-15 leads monthly from organic traffic.


  • Audit, optimization and improvement of the site
  • Working with content
  • Configuring end-to-end analytics
  • Evaluation of competitors, development of an 18-month plan
  • Development of social tools
  • Localization of the project
  • Monthly monitoring of project


Result after 18 months:
Caught up with competitors from the Top 10 on the link profile.
We received 110 leads, 23 trades with an average check of $25,000.

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We determine the key direction, analyze competitors, and form a strategy. We develop a plan for the development and financing of the project for 18 months.

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We conduct technical, SEO, and usability audits of the site. We create a list of improvements, implement them, and re-check them. Finally, the website meets all the requirements of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

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We analyze search impressions and CTR extensions of competitors ' snippets, work out micro-markup, in order to get extended snippets with the maximum CTR.

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We collect and cluster semantics, set priorities depending on the competition and potential of the key group. Every month we write 15 articles and post them on the website. We optimize and develop custom visualizations.

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We use social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. We support them throughout the project (expanding the audience, preparing posts, promoting the community).

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We register in the top rankings and write reviews. We build up the link profile by publishing on local sites and forums.

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