Website development for the Russian Hockey Federation


Development of a corporate website for the hockey federation, the purpose of which is to popularize this sport, display the catalog of children’s and youth hockey schools in Russia and publish relevant articles.

Project Solution

The following works were carried out to implement the tasks set:

  • Setting up Bitrix CMS
  • Development of the publication constructor
  • Integration of the website with the Hockey Federation registry
  • Applied Javascript ES12


An important task of creating this corporate website was the ability to host a large amount of content in different formats. Our developers have implemented a convenient functionality for managing article templates linked to one of the categories:

  • Career
  • Interview
  • Us / them
  • Development
  • Legends
  • Classic article
  • FAQ

Our team has implemented a convenient constructor for building the content of an article depending on its category: news, tests, FAQ and so on.

The website has a search by site sections with highlighting matches in the results. It is implemented due to the basic functionality of the WordPress CMS using the hashtag search system. The results are displayed on a separate page linked to the corresponding section or hashtag (“Legends”, “Career”, “Development”, etc.).

We have used the sidebar for easy navigation on the website, which allows you to quickly find content or track up-to-date information and news.

We have integrated the new website with the Russian Hockey Federation with regular automatic updates of hockey schools and a search for organizations in accordance with filters (public, private, municipal).

We have also developed a solution to search for hockey schools and filter them on the map using the Yandex Maps API

We have applied adaptive layout with additional development for 2k and 4k resolutions on the frontend.

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